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Erisin ES221 Car Window Closer OBD Remote Controller For Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Cruze

OBD Windows Controller
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Do you worry about forgetting to close windows after ACC-OFF? 
-- You may need to turn on the ACC, close the windows and turn off ACC again.
Do you worry about forgetting to close windows after lock your car?
-- The property inside of your car may be stolen, also dust, rain and snow will get into your car inside or cause damage.

If you have installed this car window roll up closer OBD remote controller, no need to worry about that, you just need to press the "lock" button on your car key, then the four windows will be closed automatically! Also you can press unlock or lock button to suspend it, when the windows are closing or opening.

-Cruze serials (2009-2016 onward)
-Orlando all serials (2009-2016 onward)
-Cadillac SRX (2009-2016 onward)
-Buick Excelle GT、 Excelle XT all serials (2009-2016)
-Buick Regal all serials (2009-2016 onward)
-Buick LaCROSSE (2009-2016 onward)
-Buick GL8 all serials (2009-2014)

The Classic Cruze and Cruze Hatch Not control sunroof.
The Buick Encore Not control sunroof.
You can only use this remote open and close feature when you are outside the car and the doors are locked.

1: Open Window: In any case, press "unlock" for 3 seconds, all windows will open.
2: Stop Opening Window: When windows are openning, press"unlock", all windows will stop openning.
3: Open Trunk Lid: When the car is "ON" or "ACC", press "unlock" 3 times, the trunk lid will open.
4: Close Windows Include Sunroof: When put out the car key, press"lock", all windows include sunroof will close.
5: Close window: In any case,, press "lock" 3 seconds, all windows will close.
6: Stop Closing Window: When windows are closing, press"lock", all windows will stop closing.

Parcel Contents:
1 x OBD window closer module
1 x Manual

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